Arthritis and the role of cartilage in human body

The point which can be of interest is that – Human body can make cartilage naturally by itself, and the responsibility of this cartilage is to provide flexibility to joints and work as shock-absorber, which can cause joint damage.

For example, body weight is one of these shocks for joints in human body. With increasing age and increase in weight, there is a reduction in cartilage of joints. This loss in cartilage causes side-effects in the body such as limitation in mobility, reduced flexibility of joints, pain in joints, swelling and inflammation - a condition called arthritis.

Arthritis, affects people mostly above 60 years of age, but the early signs can be recognized. If preventive steps are not taken at an early stage, it causes increased difficulty in future. People who can be at the risk of this disease should consider to have proper nutrition and prevention to avoid get this disease.

People at an age of 40 should control gaining excessive weight because the biggest cause of this disease is to have excessive weight.

Apart from excessive weight, use of excessive painkillers such as Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen can be a cause of this disease.


Glucosamine sulphate 2KCL (Equivalent to Glucosamine sulphate ) (USP)

750 mg

Chondroitin Sulfate Sodium (USP)

100 mg

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane


Vitamin D3 (Cholechalciferol) (USP)


Zinc (Sulfate Monohydrate) (USP)


Manganese (Sulfate) (USP)


Chromium (Picolinate) (USP)


Boron (Sodium Borate) (USP)


Copper (Sulfate Pentahydrate) (USP)


Vitamin E (D-Alpha-Tocopherol)


Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)


Selenium (Sodium Selenite)



Grade II and III osteoarthritis

Disease profile

What is arthritis ?

Arthritis is defined as erosion of joints and damage to joints surface. Loss of cartilage in joints accompanied with pain impose major mobility limitation

Arthritis means inflammation in joints and the most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which cause damage in articular cartilage


Joint pain, limitation in flexibility and mobility of joint, swelling and inflammation, mostly without fever and heat in joint with joint contacts, joint tears and joint jerk or erosion sound


  • Helps management of advanced osteoarthritis
  • Help for arthritis treatment
  • Improves cartilage formation and recovery of cartilage in arthritis patient
  • Helps to prevent joint erosion and Significantly decreases the progression of the disease
  • Helps recover cellular proactivity for producing cartilage
  • Helps remarkable reduction of painkillers usage without any side effect (which is seen in painkillers mostly)

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Daily one to two tablet for minimum usage of 2 months

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